• Designed to accommodate both single- and multi-occupant structures
  • We help you design framed openings to suit your needs, from beautiful glasswork entranceways to material loading docks in the rear of your space
  • Easily configured to support “dressed-up” architectural facades, including traditional masonry, commercial glass and curtain wall systems, insulated metal paneling, aluminum composite material (ACM) panels, contemporary fiber cement designs and more
  • Many customers combine commercial use-cases in one building, using partition walls to subdivide space into, for example, a mix of office space, retail storefront and warehousing
  • Keep your site clear of obstructions by customizing your ceiling and roofing supports to withstand all sorts of basic equipment, such as ductwork, lights, conduit and pipelines, as well as heavier industrial equipment, such as multi-ton, roof-mounted HVAC units and other air handling equipment.
  • Adding a parapet can simulate the look of a flat-roofed building, with the lower cost and efficiency benefits of a sloped-roof metal building system
  • Highly secure door systems available to manage critical areas of your facility
  • Easy to design your building’s framing to allow for drywall and other interior fit and finish needs
  • Insulation systems commonly used in metal building systems offer huge flexibility in R-value and cost to fit your exact requirements
  • Add a Legion Mezzanine System to double your floorspace in the same overall building footprint


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