Maybe your site limits how much you can spread out your overall footprint. 

Maybe you need more space and want to expand, but you already have a building fitted out with all your electrical, plumbing, networking and other infrastructure. 

Maybe your factory employees need to access the tippy top your machinery in a safer way.

Maybe your sports center or concert venue needs some more seating with a birds eye view of the action.

you need a legion mezzanine system


Mezzanine Design

  • Our steel building consultants live and breathe mezzanines.  We’ll help you customize your mezzanine around your ideal footprint, access and stairways, safety features and maximum loading capacity. 
  • As with our Draco Metal Building Systems, we take a practical approach, making suggestions along the way to ensure you meet both your design and budget.   

    Custom engineering

    • Once you’ve selected your ideal design for your Legion Mezzanine System, our in-house engineer will get to work on providing you a set of stamped blueprints and our detailing team will check every last nut and bolt to ensure a perfect and painless installation
      Stack of metal building components

      choices are endless

      • We offer and stock the full spectrum of mezzanine components so you can pick what’s best for you and get it pronto
      • Support Systems: We can tie in to your Draco Steel Building or we can design a self-supporting Legion Mezzanine for your existing structure
      • Column & Rafters: From built-up welded columns and rafters to lighter roll-formed members and open web joists, we stock and fabricate the exact components you’ll need for your design
      • Decking: Pick from all the usual suspects – corrugated decking, bar grating, diamond plate – or start with simple OSB as a subfloor to support high-end commercial or residential finishes
      • Staircases and More: Round out your kit with custom-built staircases, landings and railings, safety gates and enclosed ladders, lift platforms and more

        Mezzanine on-site assembly

        • Our sister company in the MarPen Group – CSBS Project Services – draws from an experienced group of project managers and subcontractors with decades of hands-on knowledge erecting metal building systems.  In addition to metal building erection, our teams are well-versed in all manner of mezzanine systems, decking and component installation
        • See our full suite of capabilities here.


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