About DRACO 

So who are we?

We’re welders, specialty metalworkers and just plain old tinkerers. We’re passionate about what we do and can’t wait to dig in on your project with you.

Every member of our management team has construction experience—no exceptions. We know how critical it is to keep our promises to you and how important your timeline is when you have boots on the ground and your crew is ready to work.

We know reputation is everything and we’re fanatics about selling ethically and delivering a quality product that’ll last a lifetime.

Unlike the competition, we don’t rely on gimmicks, pressure tactics and scripts. We train our building consultants to listen to you, not just talk at you and pitch some supposed “hot deal” that will disappear if you don’t act today (yeah, right!).  We want to get to know you and understand your goals so that we can help you get there.

A little history

Originally incorporated as Central Steel Building Systems in the mid-90’s, our founders started off making specialty, precision welded framing for heavy-duty semi tractor-trailer and trailer frame setups. As our reputation for workmanship continued to grow, our customers started telling us how frustrating it was for them to find the high level of quality they needed for welded structural beams and components. 

We listened; we tinkered; we delivered.

Then, a funny thing happened that changed our trajectory entirely. We started getting calls from two very different groups of people facing the exact same problem.  At first, we got more and more requests from folks to repair or replace metal building frames made by other manufacturers.  These customers just hadn’t gotten the quality product they thought they were buying.  Soon after that, we actually started getting calls from metal building manufacturers asking us to make frames for them, too!  The market clearly needed more custom welding expertise, and we knew we could fill that void.

We listened; we tinkered; we delivered.

From there, it was a quick hop, skip and jump into rollforming our own sheeting, trim and other metal building components.  But we’re artisans, not copycats, so we made a pre-engineered metal building system in our own image.  We listened to the problems our contractor customers were having and started tackling them one by one.  Redesigned from the ground up to be accessible to both contractors and consumers, you’ll enjoy features in a Draco Building System you won’t find elsewhere, from our proprietary, fastener-concealing base angle to our perforated, lightweight soffit paneling.

 In 2021 after years of growing our little beanstalk toward the clouds, we decided it was time to rebrand, reorganize and—as always—keep tinkering to make sure our current platform matches who we are and what we do. We formed the MarPen Group, a contemporary family of companies spanning manufacturing, design, distribution, construction and follow-on inspection services. See our full suite of capabilities here.

Draco Steel Buildings is the distribution arm of the MarPen Group, combining years of procurement expertise and relationships with the manufacturing know-how and construction experience of our broader team of MarPen professionals

The MarPen Group is putting Americans back to work in well-paying service and manufacturing jobs.  We’re proud to offer a product manufactured in America by American workers.

Inside Our Shop

We love giving tours—ask your building consultant to arrange a tour of our Design Center and Production Floor anytime.  We’d be happy to show you just how we make buildings exactly to your specs and how we integrate our construction expertise directly into our production and packaging processes.

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Image of MarPen Factory
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